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1. 808 Blue Pitbull
Beautiful blue pitbulls from Hawaii. Pitbull information and free training articles available.
808 Blue Pitbull

2. The Pit Bull Project
A great online source for pit bull lovers. Contains in depth information on the "bully" breeds, breed specific legislation, training, responsible ownership, links, etc.
The Pit Bull Project

3. Dog Breed Information Center
Find the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle. Includes lots of information and photos.
Dog Breed Information Center

A site for all you Pug lovers out there! Pug Facts, Pug Gallery, Pug Videos, Pug Articles, Pug Rescue, Pug Breeders and more...

5. Puggle Mania - A Resource for Puggle Fans
A top-notch Puggle resource, packed with high quality images, videos, screensavers, wallpaper and information for the Puggle enthusiast.
Puggle Mania - A Resource for Puggle Fans

6. Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project
Everything about Seppalas, the original Gold Rush sleddogs from Canada's Yukon Territory! The ORIGINAL Siberian as it was in 1910! History, breed standard, sleddog training, feeding, breeding, pedigrees, breeders and more!
Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project

7. Jerry The Labradoodle
welcome to jerry's Labradoodle community
Jerry The Labradoodle